Quickline adds role to prioritise community support

Mon, 11/09/2023 - 12:06
Julie Holmes

Quickline Communications is ramping up its support for the communities it serves with the appointment of a dedicated Social Values Manager.

Julie Holmes will take on the new role, delivering the Quickline Social Impact Plan, and co-ordinating all the company’s community support activities.

She said: “It is my mission to ensure we fully engage with all the communities we serve and support them to make a real difference to the lives of people living there.”

Quickline currently delivers activities across rural communities in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire including providing free internet connections to village halls and community hubs and donating IT kit for use by residents and community groups.

It also launched a new training and innovation centre, engaging with students at local schools and colleges.

CEO Sean Royce said: “I want to create a team at Quickline that has responsibility for the delivery of our Social Impact Plan and embed it further into our business and our communities.”