Stening joins Eight Advisory as Senior Advisor

Fri, 22/03/2024 - 11:09
Chris Stening

Chris Stening has joined Eight Advisory as Senior Advisor to strengthen its expertise in telecommunications and digital infrastructure.

Stening has spent the last 25 in leadership roles across the Industry spanning wholesale, retail, consumer and SME.

He has served MD, GM, Transformation Director and Consumer Director roles in Sky Broadband, CityFibre, O2, Easynet Connect, BT Broadband & UK Online.

He said: " After a period of focus on rollout, fibre builders are now switching to drive service take up whilst also having to deal with the inevitable consolidation we will see over the next few years. Navigating these changes successfully requires experienced help."

Nick Breadner, Strategy & Operations Partner at Eight Advisory, said: "There is an opportunity to support our clients drive return on capital from network deployment and maximise take-up of services on those networks.

"Consolidation in fibre and other parts of the telecoms market also requires skilled advice and hands-on support in merger integration and realisation of synergies. Chris has a deep experience across these areas."

Stenning has been announced as ja udge for the upcoming UK Fibre Awards, 6th June 2024.