ISPA pens digital roadmap for incoming government

Mon, 1/07/2024 - 11:02

The Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) has written a series of recommendations to guide the next government in implementing policies which enable the sector to complete its work whilst fostering a competitive landscape.

These recommendations are broken down into quick wins and long-term priorities.

Its immediate suggestions are to recognise the rollout of telecoms infrastructure as a cross-governmental priority, to embrace flexi permits and to cancel plans for street work charging.

ISPA also recommends the government commit to ensuring an efficient and proven infrastructure planning framework.

Looking to the future, ISPA details how a competitive regulatory environment is crucial to supporting the sector, due to the high amount of private investment that has been put in.

Collaboration is also key with ISPA listing the expansion of public-private partnerships and the encouragement of cross-society information campaigns in its roadmap.

Finally, ISPA states that network resilience and online safety are points that need further consideration as rollouts mature.

To read the full roadmap see: Delivering Digital Britain: ISPA’s roadmap for the next Government