ACOME partnership aids Fibrus UK rollout

Mon, 22/04/2024 - 12:05

Fibrus’ multi-million-pound collaboration with ACOME Group has helped the altnet reach its target of 354,000 homes passed across rural areas of Cumbria and Northern Ireland by March 2024.

The partnership has given Fibrus access to a future-proofed network, decreased Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and a reduced carbon footprint.

ACOME Group worked with Fibrus to co-develop a 60-fibre cable, with a 12-fibre modularity, a structure that mirrors the architecture of the existing fibre infrastructure across the UK.

With a production capacity of ten million kilometres of optical fibres, the 60 fibre ULW cable was developed in Normandy, France, to be supplied quickly and cost-effectively to Fibrus.

To further accelerate speed of deployment, Fibrus street cabinets were fitted with an optical distribution solution that was pre-cabled at ACOME’s manufacturing plant in Brittany.

Fibrus Procurement Director, Neil Burrows, said: “Since we began working with ACOME Group, our cable supply lead times have reduced and we have kept pace with the speed of our network delivery.”