Netadmin and Strategic Imperatives forge integration agreement

Fri, 28/06/2024 - 15:21

Netadmin is collaborating with Strategic Imperatives to simplify connections between altnets and ISPs leveraging the Fibre Café.

Netadmin has partnered with multiple UK altnets to support them by controlling operations to achieve efficient and profitable subscriber growth.

The cooperation will facilitate simple connections for Netadmin customers into The Fibre Café to sell wholesale connections to a growing number of ISPs.

Henrik Thurén, VP R&D at Netadmin, said: “By integrating the Netadmin platform with The Fibre Café, we’re able to support our customers with a connection to and from their API in a simple and seamless manner.”

Wail Sabbagh, MD of Strategic Imperatives, added: “This means Netadmins altnet partners can widen their access to a growing number of service providers whilst removing the need for slow, complex and expensive integrations which has hampered growth in wholesale strategies for too long.”