Altnets urged to use existing infrastructure post-TILPA

Wed, 1/02/2023 - 11:40
Block of flats generic

Broadband operators should use existing infrastructure when providing fibre upgrades in the wake of the Telecommunications Infrastructure (Leasehold Property) Act (TILPA), says InCoax.

TILPA allows operators to gain access to a block of flats 35 days after the service provider’s request to the landlord, enabling an extra 2,100 residential buildings a year to be connected as a result.

InCoax Head of Product Management, Marketing & Sales Helge Tiainen states that altnets should leverage existing coaxial networks when upgrading these flats to reduce costs and disruption.

“This is an opportunity for operators to reuse existing infrastructure for broadband access as TILPA enables subscribers and service providers to circumvent landlords who fail to provide access permission,” he said.

“This is especially important for areas where optical fibre cannot be deployed due to limitations on construction, a lack of ducts, apartment or building accessibility, and technical or historical preservations reasons.”