Which? asks providers to reconsider potential Spring price rises

Tue, 10/01/2023 - 10:39
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As broadband firms prepare to hike monthly bills this spring, new Which? research finds that one in five broadband customers do nothing once their contract ends, despite significant potential savings.

For broadband-only customers who switched the average saving was £92, however BT customers who switched away saved an average of £127.

Customers who haggled saved £43 on average but again customers with some of the bigger providers often saved more. Those with Virgin Media saved £77 on average.

Despite this, only 21% of broadband customers are taking action at the end of their contract.

Which? is calling on all providers to assess what level of mid-contract price rises can be justified in the current cost of living crisis and allow customers to leave their contract without penalty if prices are hiked mid-contract.

Natalie Hitchins, Which? Head of Home Products and Services, said: “While our findings show that out of contract customers can avoid mid-contract price hikes by switching to a new provider or haggling with their current one, those still signed up to mobile or broadband contracts could be hit with price increases that could be as high as 18 per cent.

“Given the unrelenting cost of living crisis, Which? is calling for all providers to allow all customers to exit their contracts penalty free if their tariff does go up mid-contract and that anyone eligible for a social tariff should be allowed to move to one without facing exit fees.”