Fibre salaries to rise as talent race heats up

Wed, 15/02/2023 - 16:30
Carrington West graph

Salaries across fibre roles are set to increase during 2023 as the squeeze on talent increases and altnets look to increase their build rates, predicts Recruitment firm Carrington West.

Its 2023 Telecoms Salary Survey & Guide predicts a steady climb with the sector proving relatively resilient to wider macroeconomic struggles.

It notes that the competition for available talent should increase this year due to large projects outside the industry, such as HS2, which will recruit those with similar qualifications.

Fibre engineers and fibre splicers are expected to be the most in-demand, as altnets scramble to bring in and train talent to deliver on build plans.

The study reads: “In 2022 we saw an increased demand for all skill sets as the industry expanded.

“A limited supply of installation engineers in some areas of the country fuelled a drive to bring more people into the sector, offering training. These high levels of competition for available talent look sets to continue.”