Fibrus adds Millisle to live locations in Northern Ireland

Wed, 29/05/2024 - 14:00

Millisle in County Down is the latest town in Northern Ireland to go live on Fibrus’ network with fibre available to 1,268 regional premises.

The town joins areas like Whitehead, Kirkubbin and Randalstown which have all been connected by Fibrus in recent months.

The altnet’s network now extends to over 350,000 premises in Northern Ireland and Cumbria.

Shane Haslem, COO at Fibrus, said: “We aim to enhance the lives of residents in underserved areas, addressing longstanding connectivity challenges.

“The introduction of full fibre broadband services in townlands such as Millisle will have a positive impact on the daily experiences of locals, redefining the way families and businesses go about their lives.”