FullFibre wins regional contracts worth £30m

Wed, 10/04/2024 - 10:18
James Warner

FullFibre has secured over £30m in Project Gigabit contracts to bring broadband to rural west Herefordshire and northern Derbyshire.

The contracts enable the business to also reach a further 18,000 deep rural properties which would under normal circumstances be considered too expensive.

FullFibre interim CEO James Warner commented: “Building network in a rural setting has always been a part of FullFibre’s DNA. We now have the opportunity to push this further by working in partnership with the Government to bring FullFibre’s connectivity to thousands of families and businesses across west Herefordshire and the Peak District in the most difficult to reach parts of these regions.

“Having a commercially built network closing in on 400,000 premises ready for service in and around these areas, these contracts represent a great opportunity to ensure no premises are left behind in our collective aim as an industry to fibre every home and business in the country.”