Vetro launches mobile app for fibre management

Fri, 7/06/2024 - 12:35

Vetro has made its fibre management system FiberMap available as an app to simplify field operations with offline access to data, design walkouts and other field tasks.

This will give field operators the ability to manage splicing equipment, visualize fibre optic layouts, and update network data all from their phones.

They will also be able to mark up maps, add notes, and capture photos on the spot, eliminating the need for later transcription

“When building fibre networks, speed is essential if you want to achieve profitability,” said JD Doyle, CTO at Vetro.

“Whether you are performing a design walk out to confirm plans and prepare for construction, or making adjustments on the fly based on changing field conditions, Vetro Mobile helps you do it faster and reduce time wasted on sharing changes.”