LilaConnect kicks off Haverhill rollout

Mon, 3/10/2022 - 15:49

LilaConnect has started the construction of its gigabit network in Haverhill, which will provide 12,000 homes and businesses across the Suffolk market town with access to fibre.

The first areas are expected to go live in January with the build to be completed in June 2023. 

Sarah Grange, Head of Deployments at LilaConnect said: “Bringing the LilaConnect gigabit full fibre network to Haverhill will ensure that the whole region can benefit from connectivity that is future-proofed for the decades to come.

“With all essential features such as stability, security, and reliability, the network is set to help businesses flourish and residents thrive in today’s digital age.”

LilaConnect is ensuring that work is carried out quickly and efficiently with dedicated cleaning teams employed to sweep, and jet wash pavements and driveways once reinstated tarmac has settled.

Additionally, the LilaConnect clean-up team will be deployed to wash windows and cars with litter pickers helping to maintain standards. Its Community Engagement and Sales teams will be deployed to meet with residents and answer any questions about the project.