Brsk shares roadmap as it passes 200,000 homes

Thu, 18/05/2023 - 16:01
Iovino and Koch

Brsk has doubled its network size in the last five months to pass 200,000 homes. It is currently adding over 20 000 new premises to the network each month.

It has also shared the next 800,000 homes in the pipeline, focusing primarily on expanding areas where it has existing coverage.

“We learned many lessons about scaling a FTTP fibre rollout in another market, and this experience has been invaluable for a quick ramp-up of our build,” said Ian Kock, co-founder and COO.

Brsk will be expanding its network to many of the adjacent and surrounding areas where they have been growing their footprint in the north of the UK: south Manchester, West Yorkshire, Lancashire and across the West Midlands including South Birmingham.