G.Network offers to buy new customers out of existing contracts

Tue, 27/02/2024 - 09:30

G.Network is offering to buy new customers out of their existing contracts, covering up to £150 of early termination fees.

The altnet cites research that a third (33%) of UK ISP customers are actively looking to swap providers at the next opportunity and more than a fifth (22%) of Londoners state their contract is too long for them to search for alternatives.

Kevin Murphy, CEO G.Network said: "In-contract price rises mean broadband users face additional hikes of up to 8% in April 2024. Ofcom has proposed a ban on inflation-linked in-contract price rises, but the current timeline means the earliest this would come into effect would be summer 2024.

“As early termination fees act as a major deterrent to switching providers we are promising to cover up to £150 of early termination fees for new customers.”