Quickline gives broadband boost to historic Yorkshire attraction

Fri, 1/03/2024 - 14:52

Quickline has provided a superfast fibre connection to Thorp Perrow, a 100-acre arboretum and bird of prey centre located in Bedale, on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales.

The project was funded by the Superfast North Yorkshire programme, a partnership between NYnet, a North Yorkshire Council-owned broadband company and Quickline.

Fibre access is enabling Thorp Perrow to transform its visitor experience thanks to a new full fibre internet connection.

Quickline’s CEO, Sean Royce, said: “The Thorp Perrow estate is a bit different to the location of our typical installations and required a bespoke solution.

“The deepest rural areas are often those which benefit the most from having a reliable, strong connection.”

Much of the estate has now been connected to full fibre, with the rollout to wider parts of the arboretum ongoing.

This will enable bird box cameras will soon be installed across the arboretum as the business plans to join NestWatch, which uses cloud technology to record and track trends in bird reproduction and behaviour.

Thorp Perrow will also offer WiFi to visitors, which will enhance educational workshops and school visits.